Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Republican Presidential Campaign Heads to South Carolina, With No Clear Republican Challenge to Donald Trump

Lindsey Graham is on Fox with Bill Hemmer right now, talking about South Carolina, and calling Donald Trump "an absolute disaster for the Republican Party."

Blah, blah.

Perhaps the voters down there disagree.

And Graham's shilling for Jeb, which about makes me puke.

At the New York Times, "Race Goes to South Carolina, With No Clear Republican Threat to Trump":
COLUMBIA, S.C. — With Donald J. Trump’s decisive victory in New Hampshire and no strong runner-up among a pack of also-rans, the Republican race barreled into South Carolina on Wednesday shadowed by a question: whether any alternative candidate can gain enough support to threaten Mr. Trump’s drive to the nomination.

Gov. John Kasich of Ohio, the second-place finisher in New Hampshire with less than half the support of Mr. Trump, arrives in this more conservative Southern state where he has little staff or support. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, resuming an effort here to enlist the Christian right, the key to his victory in Iowa, faces a playing field where evangelical voters are far less monolithic. And former Gov. Jeb Bush, buoyed by outperforming his Florida rival Senator Marco Rubio, has a chance to open more daylight — but it is unclear if it will be enough to inspire establishment-leaning Republicans to coalesce behind him.

On the Democratic side, Senator Bernie Sanders’s idealistic message, which inspired a decisive victory in New Hampshire over Hillary Clinton, faces a sharp test in South Carolina, where Democrats are more moderate and demographically diverse.

Mr. Trump is quite likely to face a kind of scrutiny here he has so far avoided: The only Republican candidate who does not favor increased military spending, he must woo a state with eight bases and 58,000 military retirees. His Vietnam War draft deferments may also be an issue.

While Mr. Trump has led in every poll in South Carolina since July, Mr. Bush has invested substantial resources here. His aides say 1,000 volunteers have knocked on doors at more than 50,000 homes. His brother, former President George W. Bush, who is expected to campaign alongside him here, appeared in an ad in South Carolina during the Super Bowl, declaring, “Jeb Bush is a leader who will keep our country safe.”

“The commander-in-chief question is going to be a big one,” said Jim Dyke, a senior adviser to Mr. Bush here. “If you look at exit polls from 2008 and 2012, in both elections about 25 percent identified as active military or had served in the military.”
Maybe Jebbie will pull out the Barbara Bush "big guns" to rally the rubes in South Carolina. You want a "disaster for the Republican Party"? Nominate Jeb for a third Bush term. It's sickening.

Donald Trump in the Driver's Seat on Way to Presidential Nomination

From Fred Barnes, at the Weekly Standard:
Donald Trump got everything he wanted in New Hampshire primary—and a whole lot more. He's not only a stronger frontrunner in the Republican race than ever; he's now in the driver's seat on the road to the presidential nomination.

Trump is dominant. Here are a few examples:

* Every Republican candidate who finished first and second in Iowa and New Hampshire has won the presidential nomination. Having done so, Trump is now in a class with Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bob Dole, George W. Bush, and Mitt Romney. John McCain was a partial exception in 2000, having basically skipped Iowa and then won in New Hampshire. And it doesn't matter where the first and second place finishes occurred. Reagan was second in Iowa in 1980, then won New Hampshire. Dole won Iowa in 1996 and settled for second to Pat Buchanan in New Hampshire.

* That New Hampshire failed to force all the marginal candidates out of the race is a boon for Trump. There's still no single "establishment" candidate to oppose him. There are three, maybe four, and they're fighting each other, not Trump. This is important. If Jeb Bush is still running when the Florida primary occurs on March 15, he'll split the establishment vote with Marco Rubio. And Trump will win Florida. A similar situation will exist in Ohio if Kasich, the state's governor, hangs around. Kasich and Rubio and maybe Bush will form a circular firing squad. Should Trump win both states, the race is over.

* Trump was zinged after Iowa because his vote was less than polls had forecast. But in New Hampshire, the opposite happened. The RealClear average of New Hampshire polls pegged Trump at 29.5 percent. He got better than 34 percent of the actual vote.

* There were suspicions Trump's percentage would be significantly less than previous winners in New Hampshire. It was in some cases, mostly campaigns with fewer top tier candidates than this year. Trump slightly trailed Bush (38 percent) in 1988 and McCain in 2000 (37). But he beat Buchanan (27) in 1996. No embarrassment here.

* The Trump magic appears to be spreading to states with upcoming primaries...
Still more.

I love that Reagan comparison, second in Iowa, and first in New Hampshire. I'd be trumpeted that historical vignette.

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Chris Christie Missed the Cut for GOP Debate in South Carolina Saturday (VIDEO)

Background at Politico, "Kasich, Christie and Fiorina need strong N.H. finishes to make CBS debate."

At the Newark Star-Ledger, "Christie's presidential bid is over, political pros say":

TRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie is still waiting to exhale, but Republican experts are saying the New Jersey governor is all but certain to end his presidential campaign in New Jersey sometime Wednesday.

"We're going to go home to New Jersey tomorrow and take a deep breath," Christie told supporters in Nashua, N.H., late Tuesday evening after the New Hampshire presidential primary.

The goal, Christie said, is to "see what the final results are tonight — 'cause that matters — whether we're sixth or fifth."

A sixth-place finish would mean Christie wouldn't qualify for the ninth GOP debate, scheduled for Saturday in South Carolina under criteria for admission CBS released late Tuesday. He needed to be in the top five in New Hampshire...

Fiorina won't make it either. And she's gonna whine about sexist treatment by CBS. (Ben Carson won't make it either. These dum-dums need to drop out, sheesh.)

Also at Memeorandum.

The Hillary Clinton Campaign Implosion

At the New York Times, "It's Clinton Déjà Vu — New Hampshire Brings Snow and Rumors of Campaign Implosion":
Periods of intense hand-wringing and recrimination always occur in Clintonworld around the New Hampshire primaries, if history is any guide — and what is Clinton history, if not utterly repetitive?

These brawls traditionally follow difficult results in Iowa. In 1992, the native Hawkeye Tom Harkin beat Bill Clinton in the year’s first caucuses. Barack Obama beat Hillary in 2008 (as did John Edwards, who finished second). And last week, Bernie Sanders essentially tied the former secretary of state, setting up the latest Clinton bloodbath-in-waiting. Hillary is down big in the New Hampshire polls. Her nervous staff and extended community of sycophants, hangers-on and self-professed “confidantes” keep unburdening themselves in the press — while being granted anonymity in exchange for their self-aggrandizing candor.

We’ve been here before. This is how it all rolls in the Clinton precincts of Blue America. The situation is so familiar to be its own Democratic Party cliché, like nominating unelectable liberals in the 1980s or engaging in nasty platform fights in the 1990s.

Say this about the Clintons, for better or worse: They are predictable. Thrush and Karni’s New Hampshire pre-autopsy contained all the paint-by-number refrains of Clinton crackups past:

· The term “staff shake-up” would need to appear in the story’s headline (or, at least, the lede).

· Also, somewhere, the phrase “lack of trust” or “mutual suspicion.”

· The story would have to include a nod to the trusted old Clinton hands who were selflessly offering themselves up as potential campaign saviors.

· Embedded in the article would be the clear implication that all of this could have been avoided if only Mark Penn, Clinton’s 2008 strategist, were more involved.

· The story would also inevitably include at least one blind quote from a former Obama campaign aide who knows how to do things better.

· The story would have to offer up for sacrifice at least one scapegoat, whose job was allegedly in peril.

· Bonus points if said scapegoat hails from Obama’s campaigns (watch your back, Joel Benenson).

So, yes, this latest chapter in the Clintons’ book of Supposed Looming Implosions, 2016 edition, contains all the predictable elements...

It is repetitive, for sure. I remember this movie from 2008. I'm still trying to get my head around the idea of a Bernie Sanders nomination, but it's not far-fetched at this point.

Also, at Politico, "How Much Trouble Is Hillary Clinton In?"

(Via Memeorandum.)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

This Maggie Haberman Piece on Donald Trump's New Hampshire Win and Resurgent Campaign is Outstanding

I read it on my iPhone and tweeted. It's really good.

Another Jackie Johnson Recordbreaking Weather Forecast

It hit the 90s today, with Fullerton, at 92 degrees, the hottest spot in the U.S.

Via CBS News 2 Los Angeles:

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Jackie Johnson's Recordbreaking Weather Forecast

What a day!

So beautiful! The mild Santa Ana winds blew the smog offshore and you could see the mountains clear as a bell. Mt. Baldy was snow-covered.

Makes you want to lollygag around at the beach, heh.

At the Los Angeles Times, "Winter heat wave sets new records in California; hotter conditions expected Tuesday."

And here's Jackie!

Hillary Clinton Trails Bernie Sanders by 10 Points in Latest Monmouth University Poll (VIDEO)

The poll that matters is tomorrow. Hopefully, Team Clinton doesn't pull any dirty tricks.


Bernie Sanders currently holds a 52% to 42% lead over Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire’s Democratic primary. This is a slightly tighter contest than the 53% to 39% lead Sanders held in Monmouth’s January poll. Now that it is effectively a two person race – despite the fact that 28 names appear on Tuesday’s ballot – since Martin O’Malley dropped out of the race, the number of likely voters who do not lean toward any candidate has gone up to 6% from 2% last month.

Fully 6-in-10 (60%) likely Democratic primary voters say that they are completely decided on their candidate choice. Clinton (68%) supporters are slightly more likely than Sanders backers (60%) to say their vote is locked in. These results indicate a slight solidification over the 52% who were completely decided last month. Another 23% of Democrats have a strong preference but are still open to considering other candidates. Fewer than 1-in-5 either have only a slight preference (7%) or are really undecided (10%).

“Sanders is sitting in the driver’s seat heading into the last few days before New Hampshire voters head to the polls,” said Murray.

Sanders supporters and undecided voters were asked about the possibility of them actually voting for Clinton on Tuesday. In addition to the 42% support she already receives, another 13% of voters say they are at least somewhat likely to mark their ballots for Clinton when they go to the polls, while 35% say they are not at all likely to do so. Among Clinton supporters and undecided voters, Sanders could potentially add 15% to his current 52% support, while just 25% say they definitely would not consider voting for him on Tuesday...
Still more.

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BONUS: From Mary Katharine Ham, End of Discussion: How the Left's Outrage Industry Shuts Down Debate, Manipulates Voters, and Makes America Less Free (and Fun).

How 'Neomasculinity' Blogger Roosh V Became International 'Pro-Rape' Villain

At Instapundit, "REMEMBER, SOCIAL-JUSTICE WARRIORS ARE THE ANGRY PEASANTS WITH PITCHFORKS, MASQUERADING AS THE VOICES OF MORALITY AND REASON: Elizabeth Nolan Brown: How Maryland ‘Neomasculinity’ Blogger Roosh V Became an International ‘Pro-Rape’ Villain; A case study of collective catharsis through call-out culture and moral panic as meme."

The Other McCain's been all over this story. See, "How @RooshV Trolled the World," and "When @RooshV Is Right."

Emily Ratajkowski Interview for Buick’s First-Ever Super Bowl Advertising Campaign (VIDEO)

At Yahoo, "Emily Ratajkowski Talks Super Bowl and ‘Feelin’ the Bern’."

“I’m going to be in New Hampshire next week with Bernie Sanders,” she revealed. “I’m super excited [to support him]. I haven’t met him before, but I’m looking forward to it next week. I’m totally feelin’ the Bern.”

Kristy Garett, Playboy's Last Nude Playmate, Makes Exotic Debut (VIDEO)

Watch, "Watch the Incredibly Exotic Miss February 2016 Kristy Garett Make Her Playboy Debut."

Also, at the Mirror UK, "Now THAT'S cheeky: Last naked Playboy model Kristy Garett flashes her assets in sexy shoot."

All the photos are posted at the Maxwelld Collection.

Bill Clinton Unloads on Bernie Sanders, Condemns 'Dishonest' Attacks Against Hillary (VIDEO)

Following-up from previously, "Bernie Sanders Condemns 'Bernie Bros' (VIDEO)."

Watch, at CNN, "Bill Clinton slams Bernie Sanders' supporters."

And at the New York Times, "Bill Clinton Unleashes Stinging Attack on Bernie Sanders":
MILFORD, N.H. — Bill Clinton uncorked an extended attack on Senator Bernie Sanders on Sunday, harshly criticizing Mr. Sanders and his supporters for what he described as inaccurate and “sexist” attacks on Hillary Clinton.

“When you’re making a revolution you can’t be too careful with the facts,” Mr. Clinton said, deriding Mr. Sanders’s oft-mentioned call for a political revolution.

The former president, addressing a few hundred supporters at a junior high school here, portrayed his wife’s opponent for the Democratic nomination as hypocritical, “hermetically sealed” and dishonest.

He even likened an incident last year, in which Sanders staffers obtained access to Clinton campaign voter data, to stealing a car with the keys in the ignition.

Mr. Clinton discussed the race for nearly 50 minutes, and his comments took on a harder edge the longer he spoke. What began as a testimonial to Mrs. Clinton’s leadership and a statesmanlike lecture on her approach to issues evolved into an angrier recitation of grievances against Mr. Sanders and his fervent supporters.

“ ‘Anybody that doesn’t agree with me is a tool of the establishment,’ ” Mr. Clinton said, mocking what he described as the central critique of Mrs. Clinton by Mr. Sanders.

Mr. Clinton’s comments represented an escalation in the language that he and Mrs. Clinton’s campaign have used to attack Mr. Sanders, who has maintained a sizable advantage in the polls here. Mr. Clinton made headlines in 2008 for fiercely defending his wife, and leveling tough attacks on Senator Barack Obama, but he has been largely restrained so far in this campaign.

His heated remarks here reflected the frustration the Clintons felt two days before the primary in a state that has rewarded them in the past, but that appears ready to hand Mr. Sanders a decisive victory. Mr. Clinton seemed especially irritated that New Hampshire, after lifting his 1992 bid for the Democratic nomination and handing her a comeback win in 2008, would now abandon his wife.
Still more.

The Clintons are desperate, although that's not good news for Bernie. The establishment media's in the tank for Hillary. The combined axis will attempt to destroy the Vermont democrat socialist.

Bernie Sanders Condemns 'Bernie Bros' (VIDEO)

At Politico, "Sanders rallies take a darker turn":
The Vermont senator's hardcore supporters have turned up the vitriol against Clinton.

DURHAM, N.H. — The boos are getting louder. The chants are getting more personal. The shouts from the crowd are getting more frequent.

Top Democrats supporting Hillary Clinton have noticed the disdain that some of Bernie Sanders’ most hardcore backers have toward her, and are beginning to worry about what it’s going to take to bring them into the fold in November, when they assume Clinton will be the party nominee.

Some of Clinton’s most prominent supporters and fundraisers were unsettled by chants of ‘she’s a liar’ by Sanders supporters Monday at his caucus night rally in Des Moines and the loud booing that ensued when Clinton was shown on the large screens at the front of the room – a reaction that appeared to prompt the nervous Sanders staff into turning off the televisions.

“It’s a concern, and a lot of it depends on how Hillary reacts during the [primary] contest and after the contest. She can go after Bernie, but she has to go after him respectfully and acknowledge all the time how he brought these issues to the front-burner. She’s gotta keep doing that: ‘We owe a debt of gratitude for bringing these topics to the forefront,’” said former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, a staunch, longtime Clinton backer. “It’s a concern, but only if we let it become a concern."

In New Hampshire — likely to be a swing state in November — Sanders’ energetic rallies have been marked by booing when he mentions Clinton, and wild cheers when he lists the issues where she is out of step with progressives. The Vermont senator’s supporters have grown so familiar with his stump speech that some respond even before he’s made his point.

On Tuesday in Claremont — near the Vermont border — Sanders started the portion of his speech that rails against the bank Goldman Sachs, but was barely able to get the name of the financial institution out of his mouth before one man yelled, “Hillary goes there!” and others around him erupted in cheers.

Clinton’s camp has taken to publicly warning the Sanders’ campaign about his legions of online backers whose social media postings have caught the eye of both campaigns as sometimes overly and inappropriately aggressive.

“It can be nasty. It can be vitriolic,” said Clinton press secretary Brian Fallon at a breakfast briefing Thursday, referring to a contingent of Sanders supporters who have been termed ‘Bernie Bros.’ “[I] think that the Sanders campaign needs to beware the extent to which, in an effort to mobilize and galvanize their supporters, they start to let the mentality or the crudeness seep into their own words and criticisms that they hurl at Secretary Clinton.”

Also at BuzzFeed, "Sanders to the Bernie Bros: “We Don’t Want That Crap”."

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Plus, for your right-wing reading needs, an encore, from E.J. Dionne, Why the Right Went Wrong: Conservatism, From Goldwater to the Tea Party and Beyond.

And Matt Lewis, Too Dumb to Fail: How the GOP Betrayed the Reagan Revolution to Win Elections (and How It Can Reclaim Its Conservative Roots), and McKay Coppins, The Wilderness: Deep Inside the Republican Party's Combative, Contentious, Chaotic Quest to Take Back the White House.

BONUS: From Russell Kirk, The Conservative Mind: From Burke to Eliot.

Millennials Heed the Siren Call of Socialism


They're sold.

From Joel Kotkin, at the O.C. Register:
The biggest story this election season is not Donald Trump or the fortunes of the two winners in Iowa, the unattractive tag team of Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton. For all their attempts to seem current and contemporary, these candidates – and Trump as well – represent older, more established elements in American life, such as evangelicals, nativists and, in Hillary’s case, the ranks of middle-age women, seniors and public-sector unions.

The biggest and most important development has been the massive support among the new generation of voters for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and his open embrace of socialism. In Iowa’s Democratic caucuses, which ended with Clinton and Sanders in a virtual tie, young people opted for Sanders at an almost inconceivable rate of 84-14. In 2008, Barack Obama won this segment, claiming only a 57 percent majority.

So we are seeing the embrace of an openly socialist septuagenarian by a generation that, within a decade, will dominate our electorate and outnumber baby boomers as soon as 2020. That should put more conventional politicians, and business, on notice. Whether you are a Republican, a free-marketer or, even a Democratic-leaning crony capitalist, be afraid – be very afraid...
Well, this story hasn't escaped my notice, obviously, heh.

Like I've said a number of times, roughly half of Democrats these days identify as socialist, not just have a positive opinion of it. We're seeing a massive shift in ideological orientation, and it's much higher among Millennials.

Remember from the other day, "Reverend Franklin Graham: 'This is the most important election in my lifetime...' (VIDEO"?

We really are at a turning point. Folks always say this election's the most important on in their lifetime, but 2016 seems like the last chance to turn things around before it's too late. It won't matter if regular people vote after that. The country they've always known will be long gone.

But keep reading, if you're not too disgusted already.

Polls Show Donald Trump Holding Double-Digit Lead in New Hampshire (VIDEO)

Following-up from yesterday, "Donald Trump Moves to 22-Point Lead Over Marco Rubio in New Hampshire Tracking Poll."

Here's the last entry in the UMass Lowell New Hampshire tracking poll, "Trump-34 Rubio-13 Cruz-13 Kasich-10 Bush-10... #NHPrimary LVs..."

And watch, at CBS News This Morning:

I'm making no predictions. Too many voters are undecided up there, and I thought enthusiasm would push Trump over the line in the Hawkeye State. No can do, it turns out.

So, we'll see about New Hampshire tomorrow. We'll see.

Marco Rubio's Going to Keep Saying 'Barack Obama Knows Exactly What He's Doing...' (VIDEO)

Rubio's hammering this message, doubling- and tripling-down despite the harsh reaction he's gotten from all quarters.

Watch, at ABC News, "Marco Rubio Faces Fallout from GOP Debate."

Distracted Drivers Putting the Public's Safety at Risk (VIDEO)

Via CBS News 2 Los Angeles:

Spokeswoman Karen Finney Won't Disavow Misogynist Comments by Hillary Clinton Surrogates Albright, Steinem (VIDEO)

Watch, via Free Beacon, "Clinton Spokeswoman Won't Disavow Misogynist Remarks by Steinem, Albright."

And ICYMI, "Gloria Steinem Apologized for Comments She Made About Young Women on 'Real Time with Bill Maher' (VIDEO)."

Ammon Bundy Issues 'Call to Action' from Jail: 'Arm Yourself with Ideas...' (VIDEO)

Here's the latest, at the Portland Oregonian, "Oregon standoff Day 38: What you need to know Monday."

And watch:

Expect updates...

California Issued 605,000 New Driver's Licenses to Illegal Immigrants in 2015

Flashback to January 3, 2015, "Illegal Aliens Begin Getting Driver's Licenses in California."

Well, the state sure went to town issuing licenses to illegals.

At the Los Angeles Times, "California issued 605,000 new driver's licenses for immigrants in the U.S. illegally last year":
Judith Benitez had gone most of her adult life without knowing how to drive.

The 35-year-old woman from Mexico who is in the U.S. illegally would ask family members for rides to pick up her children from school. Trips to the grocery store or the doctor's office were complicated.

That changed last year when Assembly Bill 60 was implemented, granting people in the country illegally the right to obtain driver's licenses in California. Benitez, who lives in Lemon Grove, learned to drive and was among those in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles the day the law took effect.

"Truthfully, it was an extremely emotional time because having a [driver's] license isn't just any little thing," she said. "We feel a little more protected."

An estimated 605,000 licenses were issued under the law last year, accounting for nearly half of all new licenses, according to the California DMV. Nearly 400,000 of the licenses were issued during the first six months.

"We believe that this new law increases safety on California roads by putting licensed drivers behind the steering wheel," spokesman Artemio Armenta said.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed the measure into law in 2013, further establishing California as a national leader on immigrant rights. The legislation was authored by Assemblyman Luis Alejo (D-Salinas), the son of farmworkers.

Brown in August signed a trio of immigration-related measures, which included elimination of the word "alien" within California's labor code to describe immigrants in the country illegally. The new laws also included allowing noncitizen high school students to serve as election poll workers and protecting immigrant minors in civil lawsuits.

Licenses granted under the law have "federal limits apply" printed on them, which means that unlike California law enforcement, law enforcement officers in other states and federal officials aren't obligated to accept the licenses as a valid form of identification.

State leaders and law enforcement officials have said the law will improve road safety because more drivers will be licensed and be more likely to be insured...
And people wonder why Donald Trump's campaign took off last year. It's not "racism." Sometimes it looks like government does more to help people who're here illegally that it does for its own citizens.

That's sad.


Peyton Manning's Mom Wants Him to Retire

A great story.

From Sam Farmer, at the Los Angeles Times, "Peyton Manning caps his career with second Super Bowl title, and his mom says it's time to retire."

Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton Walks Out of Press Conference After Loss in #SB50 (VIDEO)

Not too classy.

At the Newark Star-Ledger, "WATCH: Panthers' Cam Newton refuses to answer questions, storms out after Super Bowl loss to Broncos":

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton just gave his critics all the ammunition they need.

Already under fire for how he conducts himself on the field, Newton went silent after his team's 24-10 loss to the Denver Broncos on Sunday in Super Bowl 50, sulking at the podium and essentially refusing to answer questions.

The press conference came to an abrupt ending when Newton got up and left, at the same time a Broncos player was overheard loudly saying how the Denver defense wanted to force Newton to throw the ball.

The press conference was very similar to the ones Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch had during last year's Super Bowl, when he was clear in saying (by not saying anything) that he didn't want to be there...
Obviously, there's loads of commentary on this, and probably will be for a long time. Newton needs to grow up, and fast.

In any case, at the New York Post, "Cam Newton now must face a sickening reality ."

Wade Phillips Earns First Super Bowl Title

Heh, folks on Twitter were asking if the defensive coordinator could win the MVP.

At CBS News 4 Denver.

Gloria Steinem Apologized for Comments She Made About Young Women on 'Real Time with Bill Maher' (VIDEO)

I don't know.

It's not just Steinem. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright made some fairly offensive comments at a campaign rally for Hillary Clinton the other day as well. See the New York Times, "Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright Scold Young Women Backing Bernie Sanders." There's video of Albright at that link.

And from CNN yesterday:

ADDED: From Ann Althouse, "'There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other!" said Madeleine Albright":
Do Madeleine Albright and Hillary Clinton believe in torturing their political enemies? That's what Hell is. Eternal torture. Maybe you think it's just a big joke or no one could take it literally. Well, if you don't believe in the religion that other people cling to, just leave it alone.

Hillary Clinton Campaigns in New Hampshire Ahead of Tuesday's Primary (VIDEO)

The latest Franklin Pierce-Boston Herald poll has Bernie Sanders leading Clinton 51-to-44 percent, a seven-point lead. See, "Franklin Pierce-Herald poll: Clinton, Sanders just 7 points apart."

That seems kind of off to me. Sanders has a 13.2 percent lead in the RCP average as of Saturday. Maybe the Pierce-Herald poll's an outlier. Either that, or nobody knows what the hell is going to happen up there. The polls on the Democrat side have been all over the place.

In any case, watch, via WMUR News 9 Manchester: