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Better ... run run run run run run run away ... from the Obama-Democrats, freak progressive psycho-killers!

From this morning on the Sound L.A.

Psycho Killer
Talking Heads
10:22 AM

Monster Mash
Bobby Boris Pickett
10:19 AM

Werewolves of London
Warren Zevon
10:16 AM

Witchy Woman
10:12 AM

Black Magic Woman
10:06 AM

Classics IV
10:03 AM

If You Wanna Get to Heaven
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils
9:59 AM

9:56 AM

Everybody Wants Some!!
Van Halen
9:40 AM

You Better You Bet
The Who
9:34 AM

Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
The Rolling Stones
9:31 AM

Blitzkrieg Bop
9:21 AM

Virgin Galactic Spaceship Crashes, Dealing Serious Blow to Richard Branson's Dream for Space Tourism

One of my first thoughts was that Branson's plans for space travel were set back a decade at least.

And that's the conclusion at the Los Angeles Times, "Debris spread over miles after Virgin Galactic spaceship explodes":

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo, part of an ambitious commercial space venture founded by British billionaire Richard Branson, crashed during testing Friday and broke into several pieces over the Mojave Desert. One test pilot was killed and another was injured.

"Space is hard and today was a tough day," said George Whitesides, the CEO of Virgin Galactic. “The future rests in many ways on hard, hard days like this. But we believe we owe it to the folks who were flying these vehicles … to move forward, which is what we'll do.”

The news of the second catastrophic accident in a week has sent tremors throughout the burgeoning commercial space industry and is sure to create questions about its future.

Two pilots were aboard SpaceShipTwo, company and FAA officials confirmed. According to the California Highway Patrol, one of the pilots was able to eject and parachute out of the aircraft before being airlifted to a hospital.  The other pilot was killed in the crash. Their names have not been released.

The WhiteKnightTwo aircraft, which carries the SpaceShipTwo, landed safely. National Transportation Safety Board investigators were on their way to the site, which the Kern County Sheriff said was spread over five debris fields over a two- to three-mile area.

The rocket plane was using a new fuel formulation, said Kevin Mickey, CEO of Scaled Composites, which conducted Friday's test flight.

The new fuel mixture had been “tested and proven on the ground many times,” he said.

Virgin Galactic has engaged in a nearly decade-long endeavor to produce the world's first commercial space liner, which would make several trips a day carrying scores of paying customers into space for a brief journey...
Keep reading.

And see the Wall Street Journal, "Virgin Galactic Spacecraft Crashes, Killing One: Accident Raises Further Questions About Future of Space Tourism."

Free Advice for Leftists: Stop Complaining About Skewed Polls

From Jonathan Tobin, at Commentary, "Free Advice for Liberals Leftists: Stop Complaining About Skewed Polls":
With so many polls out there showing much the same thing about a Republican advantage, the chances that they are all wrong about who will vote (or have already cast ballots in early voting states) are slim. Unskewing seems like it makes sense but it is invariably based more on wishful thinking than sober analysis. Just as conservatives had to eventually accept that pre-election poll estimates of Democratic turnout were right, so, too, will liberals likely have to own up to the fact that today’s expectations about their base’s voting patterns are similarly accurate. Indeed, as Silver writes, it may be that pollsters are underestimating the number of Republicans this year just as they did the same to some degree for Democrats in 2012.

This should not cause us to lose all skepticism about polls. They should be closely examined and probed for possible errors. But such analyses tend to be based on the idea that the candidates you prefer are being shortchanged more than a real suspicion of error. Assuming that the errors will all go one way or that your candidate will catch the breaks is a guarantee that you’ll soon be eating your hat, humble pie, crow, or whatever metaphor you prefer. Ms. Maddow and her friends will soon find that it doesn’t taste any better in their mouths than it did in mine.

I'm just glad I'm not on the "denial" side this time.

RELATED: At 538, "The Polls Might Be Skewed Against Democrats — Or Republicans."

A Downbeat Electorate Looking Nervously Toward the Future — And Ready to Deliver an Epic Drubbing to the Despicable Democrats

The despicable Democrats are going to get hammered on Tuesday, just hammered. And I'll tell you, we need to utterly crush them. Crush their spirits and demoralize them. What comes around goes around and Lord knows the bastards deserved to be mercilessly destroyed.

I can't wait for Tuesday.

At USA Today, "Poll: High anxiety, low expectations as election nears":
WASHINGTON – As Election Day nears, America is the Land of the Fearful.

Voters are rattled by the Ebola virus, braced for years of conflict against the terrorist group Islamic State and still worried about jobs, a nationwide USA TODAY Poll finds. Two-thirds say the nation faces more challenging problems than usual; one in four call them the biggest problems of their lifetimes.

And many lack confidence in the government to address them.

"There's this cornucopia of icky that's going on right now," says Laurie DeShano, 38, of Bay City, Mich., an instructor at Saginaw Valley State University who was among those surveyed. She cites concerns ranging from ISIS – "We're absolutely in the cross hairs" – to the out-sized influence of special interests in American politics.

"Just to be painfully honest, it's obvious we're quite off track," says Mike Trujillo, 46, an emergency-room physician from Miami. "I never thought the country would be going in this direction, not in my wildest dreams."

President Obama's approval rating is a so-so 44%, and neither party is broadly trusted to handle the big issues ahead. By significant margins, those surveyed prefer congressional Republicans when it comes to dealing with the economy and ISIS militants in Iraq and Syria. By double-digits, they say congressional Democrats would do a better job in handling income inequality and social issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage.

On dealing with the Ebola virus, one in five volunteer that they don't trust either one.

But the bottom line seems to be that the downbeat mood of the electorate is favoring the GOP, whose backers are more enthusiastic about voting and animated by their opposition to Obama.
Yeah, well, Obama sucks skanky donkey balls. Crush the bastard, I say. Deliver an epic thrashing to the Democrat-socialist traitors. Make them pay. Render them beyond the pale of decent society. Screw them and their Marxist-collectivist agenda of hate and social regression.


Obama's Midterm Losses Could Be Among the Worst in History

From Stuart Rothenberg, at Roll Call:
President Barack Obama is about to do what no president has done in the past 50 years: Have two horrible, terrible, awful midterm elections in a row.

In fact, Obama is likely to have the worst midterm numbers of any two-term president going back to Democrat Harry S. Truman...
Keep reading.

Millennials and Single Women Have Finally Become Repelled by the 'War on Women' Demagoguery and Exploitative Economic Policies of Barack Obama

An outstanding commentary from Ed Morrissey, at the Fiscal Times, "Democrats Just Lost the Phony War on Women."

BONUS: At Instpundit, "WAR ON WOMEN: GOP Video Highlights Dems’ Sexist Comments":
“The video, titled ‘Democrats degrade women,’ features clips — many of which are from just the past week — of Democratic men making sexist comments toward Republican women.”
Hopenchange is crashing all around.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Reid-Obama Democrats Face an Election Reckoning — Crush the F-kers

An awesome editorial, at the Wall Street Journal, "The Senate Referendum":
With Election Day approaching, so is the democratic day of reckoning for the Democratic Senate class of 2008. Those are the Senators who gave President Obama and Nancy Pelosi the accidental 60-vote supermajority they needed to pass the burst of liberal legislation in 2009-2010 that had been pent-up for a generation—especially ObamaCare.

Now these Senators are all again on the ballot, most of them pretending in one way or another that they have had little to do with that agenda, or want to reform it, or are really the solution to gridlock.

The truth is that they are the main Washington problem. As President Obama said last week, they “are all folks who vote with me; they have supported my agenda.”
They're the source of gridlock:
In the media’s telling, gridlock in Washington is due to tea party pressure on House Republicans to resist Mr. Obama’s agenda. There is some of that, reflecting different views of government. But at least the House debates and votes in plain sight. Mr. Reid won’t allow the normal give and take of democratic voting and accountability that is the reason to have a legislature.

The Reid shutdown runs even to the core legislative function of funding the government. The House has passed seven of 12 annual appropriations bills, most with big bipartisan majorities. Chairman Barbara Mikulski has passed eight of the 12 out of her Senate Appropriations Committee, and Republicans wanted to debate. Mr. Reid blocked a floor vote on every one.

The GOP has wanted to put Democrats on record on Mr. Obama’s regulatory overreach, such as targeting coal for extinction, or on the Administration’s refusal to fast-track approval for natural gas exports that might help Europe become less dependent on Vladimir Putin . No votes allowed.

Wyoming Republican John Barrasso kept a running tally of Mr. Reid’s amendment blockade through July. In the previous 12 months Senators introduced 1,952 amendments—1,105 from Republicans and 847 from Democrats. Mr. Reid blocked all but 19.

Legislation? Mr. Reid has blocked at least 10 bills sent to him by the House that passed with notable bipartisan support. Some 35 House Democrats voted with Republicans to delay ObamaCare’s employer mandate; 46 Democrats voted to expedite the approval of liquefied natural gas exports; 130 Democrats voted for patent-reform legislation; 158 Democrats voted to expand access to charter schools; and 183 Democrats voted (in a bill that passed 406-1) to exempt certain veterans from the ObamaCare employer mandate. Mr. Reid’s response: No debate, no vote.

As the election nears, many voters are asking if a Republican Senate would make a difference. The Beltway media line is that it wouldn’t, which ignores that Mr. Reid’s tactics are an historic aberration. How could the Senate possibly be any worse? Mr. Obama would retain his veto against legislation passed by a Republican House and Senate, but at least the legislators would have to vote and be accountable. At least Congress would again resemble a democracy.
Throw the f-kers out on their fat asses, the dirtbags. Restore representative democracy — and common decency.

The Democrats simply suck donkey balls. Crush them. Consign them to minority status for decades.

Victoria's Secret Training 2014

The fashion show's coming up on December 9, so stay tuned here for all the updates.

Rachel Williams Awesome in Undies!

At Zoo Today.

Plus, flashback: "Rachel Williams: Zoo's Great British Babe Search Winner 2013."


I can't wait for next Tuesday.

Led Zeppelin Releases New 'Rock and Roll' Music Video

Via the Sound L.A., "Led Zeppelin’s “Rock and Roll” Gets a Brand New Music Video."


This is interesting, at the Blaze, "Secret Service Agents Pay a Visit to Anti-Obama Artist Sabo — and the Entire Exchange Is Seemingly Captured on Video."

And on Twitter:

'The Rise of ISIS'

A PBS documentary, so dramatic, "The Rise of ISIS."

And at the New York Times, "Beyond Beheadings: ‘The Rise of ISIS,’ a PBS ‘Frontline’ Documentary."

Obama Ignored Early Warnings on Islamic State

Ed Morrissey has the report, at Hot Air, "U.S. ambassador to Iraq: WH was warned early on about ISIS, 'did almost nothing'."

And watch Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters, on Fox News "America's Newsroom," from yesterday morning: